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The research projects in the Farzaneh lab focus on identifying strategies and policies that could facilitate solutions for the long term energy-related problems—including global energy supply and environmental challenges facing our society. We pursue this goal through developing analytical methods and using computational models in order to understand the role of science and technology in shaping better energy and environmental policies at all levels.   

Researchers with diverse backgrounds conduct research on designing an appropriate decision making framework that evaluates future scenarios from both “macro and micro” perspectives, which can be used to realize a sustainable energy system for Japan, Asia and even the world.

Our main themes of research are:

  • Energy systems modeling: Integration of multi-vector energy systems across operation and investment, local district and national level infrastructures.
  • Multiple impact assessment of low emission development strategies in urban areas.
  • Techno-economic analysis of renewable energy, cleaner fossil energy system and carbon capture technology.
  • Electricity market analysis: Synthesizing the market clearing mechanism, local markets, demand response programs and smart grid conceptual model.
  • Energy planning under uncertainties: Design of sustainable energy systems under multi-dimensional uncertainties.
  • Integration of renewable energy sources: Investigating the role and value of emerging technologies and systems in supporting the integration of variable renewable generation and distributed energy resources.

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