Experimental Setup 1

Solar I-V Characteristic Test:
- LED light. Light Intensity: 910 uMol @ 18 inch (Full white + Infrared), SI: 500 w/m2
- PV analyzer PROVA 200

Standard type solar simulator (Single light type):
Using a high pressure xenon lamp as a light source, with an irradiation intensity of 1 SUN and a spectral distribution similar to sunlight (AM 1.5 G) received on the ground.

Wind Turbine emulator:
- Dynamometer coupled with the PMSG of a 100 W horizontal-axis and vertical-axis wind turbines.
- A 400 W variable-speed induction motor with a variable-frequency drive and alternating current.
- Digital Power Analyzer.

Wind-Solar-Battery Power Management System with MPPT:

Fuel Cell setup:
-PEM Fuel Cell @ 30W
-Hydrogen generator
-Metal hydrate Hydrostick

Outdoor Setup
1-Ambient weather monitoring system 2- Real-time data logger system3- 1KW Off Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverter4- Solar MPPT controller5- Smart Hybrid Controller6- Pyranometer7- Wind turbine (400W)8- Multi-crystal solar cells ( 480 W)9- Battery Storage ( 1000 kWh)

Experimental Setup 2

A Driver-in-the-Loop Driving Simulator for the in-depth analysis of driver behavior and driving strategy on energy consumption level of the intelligent vehicles, which would potentiate the data-driven solution for future personalized energy-efficient driving.